You Are Not Your Job! Preventing Burn-Out To Create Sustainable Work/Life Balance

Save the date details for the May 3rd Chapter Meeting:

Seminar attendees will:


  • Understand the differences between instinct, impulse, emotion & intuition.
  • Identify and test intuitive styles to gain confidence in their use.
  • Discuss obstacles to using intuition in the workplace.
  • Create an inspired and effective action plan based on intuitive decisions that accurately reflect and support your highest goals.
  • Discuss the direct correlation between sustainable design concepts, creativity and work/life balance.
  • Identify & reclaim core values to properly apply time management tools.
    • Create a personal benchmark and action plan for defining “success.”

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May 3rd   5:30 pm

Hosted at Trevarrow, Inc. Auburn Hills, MI Showroom

Presented by Liesbet Trappenburg


Great opportunity to get (2) CEUs in one evening, Liesbet’s combines her two most popular programs.