Remodel Tips Aging in Place

When remodeling a home later in life, it may be helpful to consult a professional who will be able to suggest ways to customize your home to meet your specific needs now  and for the future.


  • Open floor plans with wider doors and hallways
  • Adapt first floor of the home for one level living
  • Colored borders around floors and counter-tops
  • Raised electrical outlets(18″ vs. 12″) & lower light switches(42″ instead 48″)
  • Non-skid flooring selections


  • Cabinets with extension drawers, shelves, and turntables
  • Cabinet Knobs or pulls that are easy to grab
  • Task lighting under counters
  • Counters at varying heights
  • Appliances that are at comfortable, accessible heights and that are ADA compliant


  • Lever faucets and anti-scald valves
  • Stall shower with a low threshold and shower seat
  • Open knee space under sinks with hide-way cabinet fronts
  • Grab bars at back and sides of tub, shower, and toilet

According To…

The American Association of Retired (A.A.R.P.), 89 percent of people age 50 an older wish to remain in their own homes indefinitely.

The National Association of Home Builders (N.A.H.M.), the aging population is the number two issue to affect the remodeling industry over the next five years, just below the availability of skilled labor.